Precast Concrete Perth, Australia

Precast Concrete Perth: Floors, Tilt Walls, Retaining Walls and more.

Action Solution designs, manufactures, delivers and installs precast concrete floors, tilt walls, retaining walls, columns and beams, and footings from Jandakot, Western Australia. Proudly Australian owned and operated. Australian quality precast concrete products.

Quality Driven

Precision manufactured at our location in Jandakot, Perth, Western Australia. We deliver the highest quality precast concrete products for residential and commercial buildings.

Customer Focused

We design and manufacture concrete projects for private and commercial buildings to fit your aesthetic concepts as well as your budget. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Action Solution provides start to finish services for your precast concrete residential and commercial projects: design, engineering, delivery and installation. We take care of all your concrete building needs!

The Precast Concrete Advantage

Action Solution’s precast concrete products provide an array of advantages, such as durability, aesthetics and quality. Additionally, precast concrete makes it easier to manage timelines and is a cost-effective solution for your construction project.


To provide consistent high quality products and service and timely delivery within budget. This has been the underscoring of our current growth and will ensure our continued growth. All our organizational efforts come together to achieve one single goal: To be recognized in the wider Perth area as the most trusted constructor of precast concrete buildings and products.


To exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering the safest, most durable and cost-efficient precast concrete solutions in the wider Perth area.

Our Values


From design through manufacturing to delivery and installation, our client’s vision and budget are at the core of Action Solution’s main focus. Everything we do is characterized by our devotion to the client—our responsiveness, our creativity and our expertise.


At Action Solution, we believe that the performance of our precast concrete products reflects our organization’s competence. We are experts in the continued improvement of our design and manufacturing processes, management systems and cost control.


Action Solution ensures its accomplishments, products and brand image always represent quality. This is a representation without concession. It is one that harnesses the expertise of our team, our state-of-the-art equipment and our high quality materials.


We believe that expertise comes from the connected effect of technical and personal skills. We place as high a value on experience, personal development and achievements as we do on qualifications, professional development and training.

Smarter. Safer. Delivered.

Pre-cast Concrete In Perth, Western Australia

We are located in Jandakot and are proudly Australian owned. Action Solution combines a variety of professional expertises to deliver the perfect precast concrete products for your projects.

Action Solution Precast Concrete Perth McGrath Birdview

Precast Concrete Floors

Precast concrete floors are a swift solution for high quality, affordable concrete floor construction. Precast concrete lends itself to long spans as well as high load bearing building.



Precast Concrete Tilt Panels Perth

Precast Concrete Tilt Panels

Concrete panel (also concrete tilt panel) structures are built at a moderate cost, require reduced maintenance and provide continued durability. Additionally, panels from concrete slabs are constructed speedily at a minimal capital investment.


Precast Concrete Columns And Beams Perth

Precast Concrete Columns and Beams Perth

Action Solution Perth manufactures precast columns and beams for a complete precast frame solution or for hybrid concrete designs.

Precast Concrete Retaining Walls Perth

The Advantage Of Precast Concrete

Action Solution’s precast concrete products provide an array of advantages, such as durability, aesthetics and quality.